SSC Mathematics Note

SSC Mathematics Note. Education is the pre-requisite for holistic development. In order to face the challenges of the fast-changing world and to accelerate the development and prosperity of Bangladesh, there is a need for well-developed human resources. One of the most important objectives of Secondary Education is to develop students’ intrinsic talents and potentials to build the country in line with the spirit of the Language Movement and the Liberation War. Besides, the purpose of education at this stage is also to prepare students for higher levels of study by integrating and enhancing the basic knowledge and skills acquired at the primary level. The secondary level of education also takes into consideration the process of learning that helps students become skilled and worthy citizens in the backdrop of the country’s economic, social, cultural and environmental realities. The new curriculum of secondary education has been developed keeping in mind the aims and objectives of the National Education Policy 2010.

SSC Mathematics Note

SSC Mathematics Note

SSC Mathematics Note


SSC Mathematics Note

অধ্যায় বিষয়বস্তু এম সি কিউ
অধ্যায়-১ বাস্তব সংখ্যা  MCQ
অধ্যায়-২ সেট ও ফাংশন  MCQ
অধ্যায়-৩ বীজগাণিতিক রাশি  MCQ
অধ্যায়-৪ সূচক ও লগারিদম  MCQ
অধ্যায়-৫ এক চলক বিশিষ্ট সমীকরণ  MCQ
অধ্যায়-৬ রেখা, কোণ ও ত্রিভূজ   MCQ
অধ্যায়-৭ ব্যবহারিক জ্যামিতি  MCQ
অধ্যায়-৮  বৃত্ত  MCQ
অধ্যায়-৯ ত্রিকোণমিতিক অনুপাত  MCQ
অধ্যায়-১০ দূরত্ব ও উচ্চতা  MCQ
অধ্যায়-১১ বীজগণিতীয় অনুপাত ও সমানুপাত MCQ
অধ্যায়-১২ দুই চলকবিশিষ্ট সরল সহসমীকরণ  MCQ
অধ্যায়-১৩ সসীম ধারা  MCQ
অধ্যায়-১৪ অনুপাত, সদৃশতা ও প্রতিসমতা  MCQ
অধ্যায়-১৫ ক্ষেত্রফল সম্পর্কিত উপপাদ্য ও সম্পাদ্য MCQ
অধ্যায়-১৬ পরিমিতি  MCQ
অধ্যায়-১৭ পরিসংখ্যান  MCQ

In the curriculum, national ideals, aims, objectives, and demands of the time have been properly reflected. It will ensure also the learning of the students according to their age, talent, and receptivity. In addition, a broad range starting from moral and human values of the students, awareness of history and culture, the Liberation War, arts-literature-heritage, nationalism, environment, religion-caste-creed, and gender is given due importance. Everything is done in the curriculum to enable students to grow up a scientifically conscious nation to be able to apply science in every sphere of life and to realize the Vision of Digital Bangladesh 2021.

All textbooks are written in light of this new curriculum. In the development of the textbooks, learners’ ability, inclination aptitude, and prior experience have been given due consideration. Spe cial attention has been paid to the flourishing of creative talents of the students and for selecting and presenting the topics of the textbooks. At the beginning of every chapter, learning outcomes are added to indicate what they might learn. Various activities, creative questions, and other tasks are included to make teaching-learning and assessment more creative and effective. is such a website where you will get all kinds of necessary information regarding educational notes, suggestions and question patterns of schools, colleges, and madrasas. Particularly, you will get here special notes of physics that will be immensely useful to both students and teachers. The builder of the website is Mr. Md. Shah Jamal who has been serving for 32 years as an Assistant Professor of Physics at BAF Shaheen College Dhaka. He expects that this website will meet up all the needs of Bengali version learners /students. He has requested concerned students and teachers to spread this website home and abroad.

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