SSC MCQ Question Ans. Mensuration

SSC MCQ Question Ans. Mensuration. The length of a line, the area of a place, the volume of a solid, etc. are determined for practical purposes. In the case of measuring any such quantity, another quantity of the same kind having some definite magnitude is taken as a unit. The ratio of the quantity measured and the unit defined in the above process is the amount of the quantity.

SSC MCQ Question Ans. Mensuration

SSC MCQ Question Ans. Mensuration

SSC MCQ Question Ans. Mensuration

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SSC Physics MCQ Question With Answer

If a line segment divides the two sides or their produced sections of a triangle proportionally, it is parallel to the third side. The congruence and similarity of triangles have been discussed earlier in class VII. In general, congruence is a special case of similarity. If two figures are congruent, they are similar; but two similar triangles are not always congruent.

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