SSC MCQ Question Ans. Distance and Height

SSC MCQ Question Ans. Distance and Height. From very ancient times trigonometrical ratios are applied to find the distance and Height of any distant object. At present trigonometrical ratios are of boundless importance because of its increasing usage. The heights of the hills, mountains, and trees and the widths of those rivers which cannot be measured in the ordinary method have measured the heights and widths with the help of trigonometry. In this condition, it is necessary to know the trigonometrical ratios values of acute angle.

SSC MCQ Question Ans. Distance and Height

SSC MCQ Question Ans. Distance and Height

SSC MCQ Question Ans. Distance and Height

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SSC Physics MCQ Question With Answer

The word ‘Trigonometry’ is derived from Greek words ‘tri’ (means three), ‘gon’ (means edge) and `matron’  (means measure).  In fact, trigonometry is the study of a relationship between the sides and angles of a triangle. There is evidence of using the Trigonometry in Egyptian and Babylon civilization. It is believed that the Egyptians made its extensive use in land survey and engineering works. Early astrologer used it to determine the distances from the Earth to the farthest planets and stars. At present trigonometry is in use in all branches of mathematics.  There are wide usages of trigonometry for the solution of triangle related problems and in navigation etc. Nowadays trigonometry is in wide use in Astronomy and Calculus.

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