SSC MCQ Question Ans. Finite Series

SSC MCQ Question Ans. Finite Series. The term o‘ rider’s widely used in our day to day life. Such as, the concept of order is used to arrange the commodities in the shops, to arrange the incidents of drama and ceremony, to keep the commodities in an attractive way in the godown. Again, to make many works easier and attractive, we use largely to the small, child to old, light to originated heavy, etc. types of order.  Mathematical series has been off all these concepts of order.  In this chapter, the relation between sequence and series and contents related to them have been presented.

SSC MCQ Question Ans. Finite Series

SSC MCQ Question Ans. Finite Series

hSSC MCQ Question Ans. Finite Series

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SSC MCQ Question Ans. Finite Series

If the ratio of any term and it is the antecedent term of any series is always equal i.e., if any term divided by its antecedent term, the quotient is always equal, the series is called a geometric

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