Writing A Composition: Leisure Time

Writing A Composition: Leisure Time

Leisure Time

Leisure Time

The time when we are free from our regular work is called leisure time. We spend our leisure time in different ways.

Leisure activities vary from person to person, place to place and time to time. The leisure activities in the town and village are not same.

In the village, children spend their leisure time by playing football, cricket, Ha-du-du. They also play hide and seek. Many spend their leisure by Swimming in the river or pond.

In the town area, there is no open field. So, children cannot play in the field. They spend their leisure time drawing and painting and reading story books. The most common leisure activity in the town is watching TV. Playing computer is also common here.

Leisure activities are good for our physical and mental health. It develops our health. It also refreshes our mind. It is very necessary for the students. So, we should make the best use of our leisure time.


Leisure Time

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