Writing A Composition: Evening Activities of My Family

Writing A Composition: Evening Activities of My FamilyEveningActivitiesofMyFamily

Evening Activities of My Family

I live with my parents in an apartment in Dhaka. We spend our evening doing the different type of activities.

In the evening, I sit to study at 6.00 and do it up to 7.30. My mother remains busy in cooking dinner then. Generally father read newspaper or magazine in this time.

From 8.00 to 9.00 my mother sits to make the dress. My father and I watch TV then. We watch news and cartoon show.

Then we take our dinner. After the dinner, I help my mother in washing and cleaning. Father usually sits to do some writing or listen to music.

I usually go to bed at 11.00. Then my parents watch the talk show on TV. They go to bed after 11.30.



Evening Activities of My Family

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