Writing A Composition: The Food Pyramid

Writing A Composition: The Food Pyramid


The Food Pyramid

The food pyramid is a chart. It shows the different groups of foods. This chart also tells us how much of each group of food we should eat.

The first group is the base or the bottom of the pyramid. There are bread, cereals, noodles, potatoes etc. in this group. We should eat plenty of these foods. The next group shows the foods which we should eat regularly. There are fresh fruits and vegetables in this group. 

As we go up the pyramid, we find dairy products (milk, cheese, and yoghurt), meat, fish, beans, nuts and eggs. These foods are important for health, but we do not need too much of them. So, we should eat them moderately.

There are some foods which we should eat very little. These foods are at the top of the food pyramids. These foods are fats, oils, sweets, etc. 

Foods are very important for our life. All types of foods are not equally necessary for us. So, we should follow the food pyramid for a good health.


The Food Pyramid

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