SSC Finance and Banking Note

SSC Finance and Banking Note. Due to the amazing development of science and technology the students of the new era are facing a changing world. The patterns of business, finance, and banking activities have been changed and the views of mass people have been also changed. According to the direction of the National Education Policy-2010  Finance and Banking subject incorporated in the new curriculum.  As per the revised curriculum, this book has been introduced for class nine- ten.

SSC Finance and Banking Note

SSC Finance and Banking Note

Considering the challenges and commitments of the 21st century and following the revised curriculum, the textbook has been written. Therefore, we welcome with our highest consideration any suggestions,  both constructive and rationale as well for the further improvement of the book. Amidst huge activities needed for introducing a textbook, this one has been written within a very short span of time frame. We will continue our effort to make the next edition of this book more beautiful, decent and free from any type of errors.

The course is about banking and financial system, the theory of financial intermediation, models of the banking firm, the theory of bank regulation. It is also a partial regulation of the Bangladesh financial system, bank performance and probability analysis and interest rate margins. Various types of loans, credits/lending policies, repayment schedule, the bullet-pill, continuum of multiple credit creation and float management. Different types of financial instruments. Export-Import financing, competition in banking, State supervision of banks and non-banks. The operations of monetary policy.

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who care about time, money and risk and how they interact to influence the economic decisions of the individuals and institutions should find finance as one of the most relevant and exciting courses of study.


is the study of how individuals and their agents (such as firms and other entities) make choices among alternatives that have uncertain payoffs over multiple time periods in the future. From a macro perspective, it is a specialized branch of economics with particular focus on how individuals, businesses and governments should raise and science of business, when followed, leads to the maximum possible utility for the investors and the most efficient allocation of scarce resources for the economy as a whole.

The aim of the Department is to provide a solid understanding of the theoretical and methodological variety that (more…)

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