SSC Agriculture Studies Note

SSC Agriculture Studies Note. Agricultural operation and agricultural technology are complementary to each other. Basically, the process which is an agricultural operation that is agricultural technologies.  There is a well- defined agricultural technology for each agricultural operation.  Today, agriculture is not only the subject matter of supplying food for the family. It is now a business also.

Previously agriculture was known as the production of crops and collection of year-round food by sowing a seed and cultivating the land. Now agriculture is evaluated in a view of the business by calculating profit or loss based on the cost involved in each technology and products’ market price. So now the agricultural problems are becoming more complex; the agricultural scientists are also developing so high thought agricultural technologies.

SSC Agriculture Studies Note

We have learned more about the different agricultural operations with their respective technologies, agricultural implements and uses of the technologies in the previous classes. We shall learn on forwarding a step about land preparation, increasing fertility, crop-wise soil characteristics, soil erosion, preventing soil erosion,  seed preservation,  pest control, agricultural mechanization, etc. matter with their respective technologies in class ix- x.

অধ্যায় সি কিউ এম সি কিউ
অধ্যায়-১ কৃষি প্রযুক্তি MCQ
অধ্যায়-২ কৃষি উপকরণ MCQ
অধ্যায়-৩ কৃষি জলবায়ু MCQ
অধ্যায়-৪ কৃষিজ উৎপাদন MCQ
অধ্যায়-৫ বনায়ন MCQ
অধ্যায়-৬ কৃষি সমবায় MCQ
অধ্যায়-৭ পারিবারিক খামার MCQ

Agriculture can be defined as the cultivation of land and breeding of animals and plants to provide food, fibers, medicinal plants, and other products to sustain and enhance life. It has been credited as one of the main contributors to the rise of sedentary human civilization, wherein people settle in one area for longer periods of time. Agriculture dates back thousands of years. The field of agricultural science is fast developing and is having large ecological and environmental effects. A degree in agriculture will allow you to understand the scientific, logistical and environmental aspects of the crop.

Typically offered as a Bachelor of Science (BSc Agriculture),  agriculture courses are highly interdisciplinary, requiring students to have a good grasp of both natural sciences and social sciences, and drawing on areas such as biology, environmental sciences, chemistry, economics, and business and management. You will first build a strong scientific foundation in agriculture by studying biology, natural environments, agricultural production, and agricultural science. As the course continues, you’ll usually be able to personalize your degree with optional modules to reflect your interests.

The range and combination of topics taught will vary depending on the institution. Some agriculture courses focus on preparing students for work at an international level – covering topics such as bio-based economies, sustainability on a global scale, and global food systems.

Others will have a focus on agriculture within a specific country or region or on a particular aspect of agriculture – such as crop farming, marketing of farm products, animal care, sustainable practices, or large property management. Overall, you’ll gain a wide range of technical skills and knowledge, as well as an understanding of the scientific, moral and commercial principles behind the agricultural industry.

There is also some variation in the degree of hands-on training required of students. Most agriculture courses will include at least one required or optional work placement of up to a year, and some universities even have their own farms. The UK’s Aberystwyth University, for instance, operates more than 2,500 acres of farmland. Overall, you’ll be taught in a combination of lectures, tutorials, laboratory sessions and (if possible) practical sessions at the university’s farm. is such a website where you will get all kinds of necessary information regarding educational notes, suggestions and question patterns of schools, colleges, and madrasas. Particularly, you will get here special notes of physics that will be immensely useful to both students and teachers. The builder of the website is Mr. Md. Shah Jamal Who has been serving for 35 years as an Assistant Professor of Physics at BAF Shaheen College Dhaka. He expects that this website will meet up all the needs of Bengali version learners /students. He has requested concerned students and teachers to spread this website home and abroad.

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