Guide for Writing Plagiarism-Free Essays

Academics involve multiple assessment types to determine the learning progress of students. While exams play a crucial role in determining the ability of students to remember key concepts, assignments, especially essays, help educators figure out the research capability of learners. Assignments can come in various shapes, including reports, white papers, and essays. Generally, the students are asked to write essays as assignments and submit them before the deadline.

Students must articulate and submit plagiarism-free essays as an obvious part of academic integrity. However, many students fail to submit such essays because of accidental or intentional plagiarism. It is worth mentioning that whether an essay features accidental or intentional plagiarism, the consequences for students are the same. Plagiarism is an unforgivable offense in academia. Failure to submit a plagiarism-free essay means fewer grades, inability to pass, and rustication.

Writing Plagiarism Free Essays

Writing Plagiarism Free Essays

Considering the scenarios mentioned above, it is obvious that submitting a plagiarism-free essay is a must. Unfortunately, however, many students still fail to ensure a plagiarism-free essay. There could be various reasons behind this inability.

A few standout ones are lack of research, procrastination, inability to understand necessary concepts, failure to communicate personal opinion regarding a particular topic, and lack of self-confidence.

Regardless of the reason that leads to the creation of a plagiarised essay, the consequences for students remain the same. Hence, students should work on a few effective tips to eradicate the chances of the inclusion of plagiarised patches in their essays. If you are looking for such tips, this article can help you greatly as it can serve as a guide to help you write plagiarism-free essays.

Further details are given below:

Research Thoroughly

As mentioned earlier, academia tends to assess the ability of students to grab necessary concepts and research relevant stuff. Writing a meaningful essay free of plagiarism also requires students to research thoroughly. However, this task is more complex than it sounds to an average Job. You have to understand the topic first. Once you have understood the topic, it is time to determine the type of research you need to perform to write a meaningful and plagiarism-free essay.

After finishing the factors mentioned above, it is time to think of the time you have at hand. For instance, if you have to submit your essay in 9 days, divide the essay-writing process into 3 equal phases: research, writing, and editing. Take the first three days to understand the topic, research the subject thoroughly and take help from every relevant research source to ensure retrieval of important data such as facts, figures, and quotations.


You may find plagiarized patches in your content and think of removing them. However, writing meaningful phrases from scratch when the submission deadline is just around the corner could be tricky. Moreover, paraphrasing the content of your essay manually may lead to the inclusion of serious flaws, such as grammar mistakes, vague sentences, and punctuation errors. The best way to avoid such issues is to take the help of advanced technology.

You can use an AI-based rephraser to eradicate plagiarism from your essay. Such a paraphrasing tool understands the contextual meaning of the given content and then paraphrases it to keep the meaning intact and vanish plagiarism from it. Using such a tool can help you make your essay even better in terms of grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure. These elements will impress your teachers and will likely give you good grades.

Take Notes

Even though the students give substantial time to the research process, they often need to ensure a plagiarism-free essay. The main reason behind this failure is the inability to cite sources used for research purposes. It usually occurs because of the inability of students to remember the sources they have used while researching a particular topic. The failure to cite sources while writing an essay leads to accidental plagiarism.

The most effective way to avoid accidental plagiarism because of failure to cite sources is to make notes while performing research. For example, students can jot down the quotes, facts, figures, and corresponding resources on paper to avoid any mistakes or accidental plagiarism. Students should also prepare a rough draft before working on the actual draft of the essay. Doing so will help them refine the content and remove unnecessary sentences and words from the essay.

Keep an Eye Out for Plagiarism

This tip is important for students who want to submit a plagiarism-free essay and obtain good grades. You should understand that no matter how confident you are about your essay, the chances of plagiarism will always be there. You can’t risk submitting an essay with even the slightest chance of plagiarism. These chances are due to self-plagiarism, similar writing style, or even uncited quotations.

You must be 100% sure about your essay. Therefore, checking it for plagiarism is a must. Manual plagiarism is an option, but it takes a lot of time. An advanced and highly efficient plagiarism detector is the best way to deal with this issue. Doing so will help you find plagiarised patches in your essay and remove them. You can also paraphrase the plagiarised patches to avoid the allegation of plagiarism.