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Meaning of Sohcahtoa and Various Trigonometric Functions

The  “SOHCAHTOA” mnemonic for the trigonometric ratios. The “SOHCAHTOA” mnemonic describes the sine, cosine, and tangent. You know “sin” is equal to the “opposite” over “hypotenuse”, so the “O” stands for the “opposite” and the “H” for the hypotenuse in the “SOHCAHTOA” mnemonic.

The same goes for the cosine equals “adjacent” over “hypotenuse,” and the tan is equal to the “opposite” over “adjacent”. So when you want to learn all the trigonometric ratios, learn the meaning of the word  “SOHCAHTOA”.The online sohcahtoa calculator can be used to solve all the trigonometric ratios. Enter the values of the base, perpendicular, and hypotenuse in the trig calculator to know the missing angle or side.

trigonometry problem solve on Black Board
trigonometry problem solve on Black Board

What is meant by sohcahtoa?

trigonometric term SOH stands for “Sin”, CAH stands for “Cos”, and TOA stands for “Tan” You can define the word SOHCAHTOA as follows:

SOH [Sin(θ)]= Opposite/Hypotenuse

CAH [Cos(θ)] = Adjacent/Hypotenuse

TOA [Tan(θ)] = Opposite/Adjacent

So when you are learning “SOH CAH TOA”, you can remember all the trigonometric ratios and their relationship in the triangle. You may find the meaning of the “Sin”, “Cos,” and “Tan” and their relationship to solving the trigonometric question is. The whole trigonometric ratio concepts revolve around the word “SOH CAH TOA”.Using the trigonometry calculator, you can solve all the trigonometric ratios and their angles in the right triangles.

What is the reverse ratio?

The reverse of the trigonometric ratio is commonly used in solving the relationship in the angle.



Cos-1=Sec= Hypotenuse/Adjacent

Tan-1=Cot = Adjacent/Opposite

When using the sohcahtoa calculator by calculator-online.net, you can find all the angles and areas of the right-angle triangle.

What is a right-angle triangle?

There is always a 90-degree angle; three sides are the Hypotenuse, Opposite, and Adjacent in the right-angle triangle. Knowing the three sides and why it is important to learn about all three sides of the triangle is essential.

Adjacent side:

The adjacent side is the adjacent side along the angle of the right-angle triangle. This is why this site is said to be the adjacent side of the right-angle triangle.

Opposite side:

The opposite side is opposite to the angle of the right-angle triangle and is also known as the perpendicular of the right-angle triangle.



Hypotenuse is the side connected to the adjacent side of the right angle triangle and the longest side of the right angle triangle.

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Use the sohcahtoa calculator to determine all the sides and the angles of the right angle triangle of the right-angle triangle.


Consider a triangle ABC; the values are the Opposite side BC = 10 cm, and the angle A= 20. Find the side CA, which is Hypotenuse.




Angle A = 20

Opposite side BC = 10 cm

Hypotenuse CA =?


use the trigonometry calculator to figure out  the Hypotenuse, here the ratio of sine in solving this question:


Sin θ =  Opposite Side /Hypotenuse



Sin θ = BC/CA

Now  BC = Opposite

Then  CA = Hypotenuse

Enter the values:

Sin 20 = 10/CA

  Sin 20/10 = 1/CA

   CA =  10/Sin 20

   CA =  29.24 cm


It’s Handy to use the Sohcahtoa calculator for the trigonometric ratio Sin, Cos, and Tan. If you are confused about the different trigonometric ratios and unable to remember the word “SOHCAHTOA”. It is simple to learn the trigonometric ratios by remembering the meaning of “SOHCAHTOA”. Remember the word “SOHCAHTOA” You would be able to learn all the trigonometric ratios Sin, Cos, and Tan of a right-angle triangle.


You must understand that the “SOHCAHTOA”  is only connected with the trigonometric ratios. If you are finding difficulty in the relationship of the trigonometric ratios, then it is better to remember the meaning of “SOHCAHTOA” meaning. Knowing the meaning of sin, cos, and tan trigonometry is easy. You may find it quite helpful to learn the concept of the trigonometric ratio.

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