Write A Composition: Tea

Writing A Composition: TeaWrite A Composition Tea


Man gets tired of the monotonous works. He wants relief. It is tea which removes his tiredness, refreshes his mind and gives energy. Now a day, tea is the most popular drink all over the world. Almost all people take tea daily.

Tea was first grown in China. Now it grows in Bangladesh, India, Japan, Indonesia, and Ceylon. Tea grows in hot and moist climate. It grows on the slope of hills or hilly regions. It requires excessive rain, but the rain water must not stay at the root. So, hilly countries are the best place for tea cultivation. In Bangladesh, there are many tea gardens in Sylhet and Chittagong.

Tea plants need moist climate for their growth. Tea seeds are sown in the nursery during the rainy season. The seedlings are transplanted over areas in rows from four to six feet apart. The plants are watered and weeds are removed timely for the smooth growth of the plants.

It grows twenty to thirty feet high in its wild state. But they are not allowed to grow so high in the garden. They were pruned and allowed to grow for three to four feet high.

There are four crops a year. The first plucking gives the best tea. The leaves are picked up four times a year. The first plucking is done in spring, the second in May, the third in June, and the fourth in August. The second plucking gives larger leaves of dull green color, but they have less flavor. The leaves of the third and fourth picking are of inferior quality. A large number of coolies of both sexes go out in the morning, each with a basket behind their back and gather buds and leaves.

After the picking has been done, the buds and leaves are taken to a house. There the leaves and buds are dried in the sun. Then they are rolled by a machine to press out the tea. The leaves are then spread out on the floor of a moist room where they dry up completely and become black and brittle. Thus, they are made ready to be used for drink.

Tea is a good drink. It makes us feel fresh and strong when we get tired after hard labor. It is cheap too. When a visitor comes to our house, we can easily entertain him with a cup of tea.

Tea is termed as the refreshing drink, but it is not always good for health. In hot countries, it does more harm than good. Too much of it is bad for health. It kills hunger. So, we should be careful about it.

The demand of our tea is worldwide spreading. The importance of tea in our national economy can hardly be over emphasized in the true sense of the term. It strengthens our dilapidated economy by bringing many foreign coins. It is the responsibility of all and government to be more attentive.


A Composition of Tea

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