Write A Composition: Fruits of Bangladesh

Writing A Composition: Fruits of BangladeshFruits of BangladeshFruits of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is the darling child of Nature. She has made her child rich with her various fruits. Many kinds of fruits grow in different season all over the country.

Fruits are of different kinds, colors, sizes and tastes. Some are big and some are small. Some taste sweet and some sour.

The jackfruit is our national fruit. It is very big in size. It has Prickly skin and juicy sweet content. It is very tasty. The village people like it very much. It grows largely in Chittagong, Sylhet and in the highland of Dhaka, Narshigdi and Mymensingh.

Mango is the king of fruits in Bangladesh. There are many kinds of mangoes. They are Langra, Fazli, Gopalbhog, Mohonbhog etc. mango grows in plenty in Rajshahi, Dinajpur and Bogra.

Banana is another popular fruit. It grows everywhere in our country all the year round. It is sweet and beautiful Champa, Sabri, Amritsagar etc are famous bananas.

It is a common fruit of Bangladesh. It grows everywhere but in plenty in Khulna, Barisal and Patuakhali. Its water is a sweet drink. Its kernel is a tasty food.

The pineapple is juicy fruit. It becomes yellow when it is ripe. It grows abundantly in the districts of Comilla, Sylhet, Tangail and Chittagong Hill tracts.

It is another kind of delicious and nutritious fruit. The best orange grows largely at Chatack in Sylhet. This fruit is full of sweet juice.

There are many other fruits in Bangladesh. The litchi is another small and sweet fruit. It grows everywhere in Bangladesh but plenty in Rajshahi. Among other fruits blackberries, dates, melons, guavas, wood-apples and plums are very well known.

There are some others fruits that taste sour. The tamarind, the kamranga, the lemon are sour fruits.

I like all these fruits. But, I do not like them equally well. I like the mango very much. I like the mango pickles too. I am also very fond of mango juice mixed with milk and rice. The banana is also my favorite fruit. I like litchi too.

Fruits are a source of vitamins. So, we should try to grow more fruits Bangladesh. At present, our Government has taken various steps to grow more fruits in all the district of Bangladesh.

Fruits are useful in many ways. Fruits meet up our demands for different vitamins. Many families in Bangladesh earn a lot by growing and selling different kinds of fruits.

Fruits grow largely in Bangladesh, but many fruits are rotten for want of proper care. So, our Government should take care of this matter.


Fruits of Bangladesh

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