Story: A Sly Fox and a Foolish Crow

Story: A Sly Fox and a Foolish Crow

A Sly Fox and a Foolish Crow

A Sly Fox and a Foolish Crow

One day a crow stole a piece of meat. It flew away and sat on the branch of a tree. Suddenly a fox who noticed it. The fox was greedy and clever also. He thought for sometimes and asked the crow to sing a song with its beautiful voice. The foolish crow at first did not want to sing but the sly fox said, “If you start your singing, most of the animals of the forest will come to hear and you will be famous.” Hearing it the foolish crow felt proud and started singing. When he opened his mouth, the piece of meat felt down. The sly fox took it and went away. The foolish crow could not do anything.

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