Story: The Ungrateful Mouse

Story: The Ungrateful Mouse


The Ungrateful Mouse

There lived a saint in a forest. He was very kind. Once a mouse ran to him and took shelter in his lap. The mouse was trembling in fear because a cat had chased it. The saint felt pity for the poor mouse. So he turned the mouse into a big cat. The mouse became very happy and began to live in the hut of the saint. After a few days, a dog chased the cat. The cat became afraid and ran to the saint. The saint saw everything and then turned the cat into a tiger. The dog saw the tiger and went away. The tiger began to live in the forest without any fear. He thought that he was the king of the forest. On a rainy day, the tiger became very hungry, but he could not catch any animal for his food. So finding no other way, he attacked the saint to eat him. The saint became surprised and thought the tiger had forgotten his past. So it would not be wise to give him chances anymore. He at once turned the tiger into a mouse again.

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