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Story: Sheikh Saadi’s Wit/T*t for Tat

Story: Sheikh Saadi’s Wit/T*t for Tat

Sheikh Saadi’s WitTit for Tat

Sheikh Saadi’s Wit/T*t for Tat

The king of Iran used to invite the great poet Sheikh Saadi very often to his court. Once on his way to the king’s court the poet took shelter in a noble man’s house for a night. He then took shelter in a nobleman’s house for a night. He was then in a very simple dress. The nobleman could not recognize him and treated him as an ordinary man because he was not wearing the costly and gorgeous dress. He was wearing a very ordinary and cheap cloth. The treatment he received in the rich man’s house offended him. But he did not say anything to him.

On the next day, Sheikh Saadi went to the court of the king and was received with honour. He stayed there for a few days. He composed some beautiful poems and entertained the king and his courtiers. He received rich gifts from the king. He put on a very rich and ornamented dress. Thus, he was returning to his village. On his way, he again visited that rich man’s house. This time, the rich man was surprised to see Sheikh Saadi in a rich ornamented dress. He was delighted to see the change in Sheikh Saadi and treated him with the best of the foods and comfort.

While eating, he was surprised to see the rich delicious food and understood the rich man’s attitude. Sheikh Saadi then instead of eating the food, started putting them into the pockets of his rich cloth. This surprised the rich man. “Why are you putting the food into the pockets of your dress?” said the rich man. “I am putting them into the pockets of my dress because these foods are meant for my dress, not for me”, said Saadi. The rich man realized his earlier folly and became ashamed.


Sheikh Saadi’s Wit/Tit for Tat

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