Prayer for setting up an English language club

Prayer for setting up an English language club



07 March 2015

The Headteacher

Jamalpur High School


Subject: Prayer for setting up an English language club.


We are the students of your school. We are learning The English  language in our classes in the communicative method. This method is helpful for acquiring four skills of language – writing, reading, listening and speaking. We are aware of the necessity of learning English and so we want to develop those four skills. But we have a very little Scope for acquiring the speaking skill in the classroom. For this, we need a separate hour as well as the environment. A language club is the best solution to this. Our English teacher Mr Kamruzzaman has consented to guide us in the club.

We, therefore, hope that you would kindly allow us to establish an English language club in the school premises to develop our spoken as well as other skills of English language and oblige thereby.


Yours obediently

Kaiser Hossain

Roll no 1, Class-10

On behalf of the students of

Jamalpur High School

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