Lovely Valentines Day Love SMS 2020

Lovely Valentines Day Love SMS 2020

Valentine’s Day is February 14th Valentine’s Special yours with some romantic ideas. I think as Book Lovers to exchange cards, gifts and Valentine SMS ensuring for himself. Valentine’s Day offers some ideas for their Valentine. You can do this by sending his girlfriend Valentine SMS and love notes. Valentine’s Day 2014 will be held on Friday, February 14, 2014. It is celebrated every year around the world to visit this site for collections of the best collections of Valentine’s Day SMS. With the increasing trends of mobile / cell phones, peoples have selected SMS / text messages as a way to send Valentine greetings.

Lovely Valentines Day Love SMS 2020

Lovely Valentines Day Love SMS 2020

1.       Lovely Valentines Day SM

My Valentine,

You Kill Me That Your Soft Voice.

Every Time I Hear You Whispering In My Ears,

I Feel Heavens Open Up For Me.

Your Soft Voice Is A Charm To My Heart.


 2.       Lovely Valentines Day SMS

My Valentine,

I Love You From Deep My Heart.

Its True Love Is A Crime,

You Steal My Heart, And I Steal Yours.

All That I Need Is To Kiss Your Lips Forever.


 3.       Lovely Valentines Day sms

Always Know That In My Heart

Your Name Is Deeply Embedded And

Not Even The Years

That Come Will Ever Erase It.


4.       Lovely Valentines Day SMS

My Happiness Should Be Yours And

Your Troubles Should Be Mine..

I Will Do Everything

That Brings A Smile To Your Face..

Darling Be My Valentine.


5.       Lovely Valentines Day SMS

Now I Know What They Mean

When They Say There Is No Life Without Love.

I Have Found You

And Am Nothing Without You.


6.       Lovely Valentines Day SMS

I Want To Sleep On Your Chest Each Night,

I Want To Be A Good Mother To Your Children,

I Want To Be A Good Wife To You,

And I Want Your Love Ceaselessly.


7.       Lovely Valentines Day SMS

You Always Care For Me.

You Always Support Me.

You Always Love Me.

I Thank God Who Gave Me Such

A True Loving Partner.

You Are The Love Of My Life.


 8.       Lovely Valentines Day SMS

When you love someone truly,

you don’t look for faults,

you don’t look for answers,

you don’t look for mistakes.

Instead, you fight the mistakes,

you accept the faults


overlook the excuses.


9.       Lovely Valentines Day SMS

In the morning,

sun gazes at me to make me happy…

Cool breeze hugs me to see my smile…

Birds sings to make me smile….

But my dear,

They dont know that

my smile is incomplete until

I remember your face…


10.       Lovely Valentines Day SMS

When u are at the end of the rope,

just tie “one” knot and hang on

ill surely come and tie the remaining ” two” around you…..

remember, only in darkness we can see stars ! !

whenever , wherever ill be there for you

good night and sweet dreams!!


11.       Lovely Valentines Day SMS

I daily watch ur pic.. ♥

I always wait for ur call.. ♥

I read ur msgs atlst 5 times.. ♥

I record ur voice sometimes.. ♥

b’coz I love u so much baby.. ♥

I always need to talk to u.. ♥

I always want u to garb m in

urarms.. ♥

I always want u to hold my hand..


12.       Lovely Valentines Day SMS

In you,

I’ve lost myself & found myself…

No matter how far you be,…

My journey will always end atyou…

I want to see you when i close my eyes…

Baby I have fallen into your life,

your Love,

your Heart and Soul… ♥

Lovely Valentines Day Love SMS

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