BUET Admission Test Question with Solve: 2007-08

BUET Admission Test Question with Solve: 2007-08. Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology or BUET as it is commonly known as The Pride of Bangladesh, is a Public Engineering University in Bangladesh. It is the oldest Engineering institution in the region.

BUET Admission Test Question with Solve: 2007-08

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BUET Admission Test Question with Solve: 2012-13

Dhaka Survey School was established in 1876 as a survey school at Nalgola, in Old Dhaka to train surveyors for the then Government of Bengal of Hindustan. Later, generous grants from Nawab Ahsanullah, a renowned Muslim patron of Education and member of the Nawab family of Dhaka, enabled it to expand as a full fledged engineering school. In recognition of this contribution, the school was renamed to Ahsanullah School of Engineering. It offered three-year diploma courses in Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. It was moved to its present premises in 1912.

After the partition of India in 1947, it was upgraded to Ahsanullah Engineering College, as a Faculty of Engineering under the University of Dhaka, offering four-year bachelor’s courses in Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical and Metallurgical engineering.

In 1962, it was renamed as East Pakistan University of Engineering and Technology (EPUET). A partnership with the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas (renamed Texas A&M University in 1963) was forged, and professors from A&M came to teach and to formulate the curriculum. During this period, EPUET offered courses in Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Metallurgical and Chemical engineering, and Architecture.