Writing A Composition: A Firefighter

Writing A Composition: A Firefighter


A Firefighter

A firefighter is a person who works at the fire department. He is very familiar to us. He plays an important role in our life.

A firefighter is well educated. He is a brave person. He is physically fit. He is very careful about his work. The profession of a firefighter is very risky. The main job of a firefighter is to put out fires. He trains young people to become firefighters. He also makes people aware of what should be done during a fire incident.

The work of a firefighter is very important. They save many people from the door of death. If the firefighter cannot reach the spots in time the incident poses a great havoc. Sometimes a firefighter takes the risk of his life to save others. The work of a firefighter is very commendable. He is our friend in danger. We should show respect to him and his profession.


A Firefighter

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