Write A Paragraph: The Postman

Writing A Paragraph: The Postman

The Postman

The Postman

A postman is an employee under the postal department who delivers letters, parcels, and money orders to the proper addresses. He is a well-known person in towns and villages. He puts on a khaki dress and a turban on his head. He has a khaki bag, which he carries on his shoulder. He is a very useful hand of the postal department. The postman is very dutiful, punctual and sincere. He performs his duties regularly and sincerely. He does not take a rest in his travel. He works just like a machine. He goes from house to house in fair weather or foul. He opens mailbags, sorts, the letters, parcels, and other postal articles and seals them with a date stamp. He brings sometimes good news and sometimes ill. Our heart leaps up with a great expectation when we see the postman coming to our house. He carries news for other, but nobody cares for his personal news.


The Postman

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