Write A Paragraph: The Jackfruit

Writing A Paragraph: The Jackfruit

The Jackfruit

The Jackfruit

The jackfruit is our national fruit. It is one of the most famous and popular fruits in Bangladesh. It is a summer fruit. It is found mainly in the month of Jaista. It grows in plenty in plenty in the hilly regions of Chittagong and Sylhet also on the high land of Dhaka, Gazipur, Mymensingh, Tangail, Comilla, and Jessore. It is Juicy, sweet and delicious. It is bigger in size than other fruits. The jackfruit seeds are also used as food. The jackfruit is comparatively cheap. It is popular with common people. The jackfruit and its juice are in great demand the entire world by eating jackfruit we get vitamins and mineral salts. We should give attention to increasing the production of jackfruits. It is necessary for us to plant more jackfruit tree every year.


The Jackfruit

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