Welcome Ramadan with a Bang 1

Welcome Ramadan with a Bang

 Welcome Ramadan with a Bang

Welcome Ramadan with a Bang 2

Ramadan Online Shopping – Couldn’t Have Been Better!


The month of Ramadan is considered very scared in the religious doctrine of Muslims which is why Muslims all over the world welcome Ramadan with great religious zeal and enthusiasm. Commercial ventures including food businesses and clothing shops brace themselves, anticipating the huge potential surge in sales and profits. Kaymu.com.bd is not in any way, lagging behind in the Ramadan Campaign, and is committed to facilitating its customers in convenient online buying and selling.

Traditional Wear for Men, Women and Kids in Ramadan

There are so many products that are widely used in Ramadan. From traditional clothing for men, women and children to kitchen items and Ramdan appliances, there is a whole range of product that rev you up for the tough holy month ahead. Traditional clothing for women includes veils, head scarves, Ubayas (gowns) and the like, so choose from an eclectic variety of clothing items in Ramadan. Traditional clothing for men includes prayer caps, shalwar kameez or kurta shalwar.

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Ramadan Food Essentials

Most importantly, Ramadan shopping cannot be considered complete if you haven’t stocked up on an ample supply of food items. From the basic amenities such as sugar, salt, flour, grains, pulses, rice to fruits and vegetables, you require an almost limitless supply of food items in Ramadan. Moreover, avail kaymu ramadan deals of the most mouth-watering and savory food items for Iftar including Dahe Bharay, Fruit Chat and of course, the customary dates, delivered to your doorstep with free shipping and a secure cash on delivery option. Kitchen tools ranging from cutlery to crockery as well as cookware items can also be purchased at Kaymu to allow smooth preparation, cooking and presentation of food in the month of Ramadan.

Welcome Ramadan with a Bang 4

Other Ramadan Accessories

Prayer mats and tasbeehs are also commonly used items in Ramadan. The concept of Digital Qurans is becoming very much prevalent and common. Increasingly, people want a digital Quran to be downloaded on their mobile phones so that they can recite the Quran while they are travelling to work or walking to the mosque so as to avail the countless blessings and bounties of Ramadan. The Qibla Finder device can help you locate the precise direction of Ka’bah as you pray. You can shop for these and other devices via Kaymu mobile app for both iOS and Android platforms.
Welcome Ramadan with a Bang 5

You can also shop for jewelry and watches as well as health and beauty products as part of your Ramadan upkeep regime, since you would be attending as well as hosting Iftar parties. Match jewelry and handbags with your outfit and seal your look on any Iftar dinner in style.

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