Story: A Thirsty Crow

 Story: A Thirsty Crow


A Thirsty Crow

Once a thirsty crow was flying to and fro in search of water. But he found no water. At last, he saw a pitcher nearby and flew to it. After going there the thirsty crow noticed that the water was at the bottom of the jar. As he was very thirsty he tried his best to drink water as soon as possible. But his bill could not reach the bottom of the jar. At this, he became very sad and hopeless.

He didn’t understand what to do then. He was thinking and thinking but no idea came into his head. He was waiting helplessly. Suddenly the crow saw some small pieces of stone near the jar. Seeing the stones a new idea came into his head.

Without wasting time for any moment, he picked up the stone and began to drop them into the jar one by one. As a result, the water came up to the brim. When all the stones were dropped into the jar, his bill could touch the water.

The crow then drank water from it to his heart’s content and flew away with a joyful mind.

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