Story: Bread Dividing by a Cunning Monkey

 Story: Bread Dividing by a Cunning Monkey


Bread Dividing by a Cunning Monkey

One day two rats stole a piece of bread. They tried to divide it into two equal parts but failed. They fought for that. Lastly, they agreed to put up their problem to the monkey. All the animals of the forest knew him as the wiser animal.

They went to the monkey and asked him to divide the bread into two equal parts. The monkey behaved very gently with them. He said that it would be costly for them. It was better for them to settle it among themselves. But the rats said that as they had failed to do so, they had come to him in order to make a way out of the problem.

Then the monkey brought a pair of scales and tore the bread into two pieces. He put the pieces on the scales. The monkey told that one piece was heavier than the other. He took the heavier piece and bit a small piece from it. Then the other piece became heavier. Then the monkey took a portion from that piece and put it on the scales. The pieces remained unequal even now. And the monkey did the same thing again and again. After some time, there remained only one small piece of the bread.

Then the cats asked the monkey not to divide the bread. They said that they would divide it equally themselves. They asked for that small piece of bread. Then the monkey said angrily, “No, this piece is mine. I’ve suffered much to divide it into equal pieces.” Saying this the monkey devoured the rest of the bread.

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