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SSC Finance and Banking Suggestion Question 2021-3

SSC Finance and Banking Suggestion Question 2021-3. The main ideology of banks is the relationship and belief between the Bank and the Client. If any step of each party is against this belief and trust then the relationship between them will be disrupted which will cause the business to be dissolved.

A person, institution, company involves in the banking business is called “Banker”. Such a way client means that a person who is involved with the bank through his account or any of the services of the bank. On the basis of the functions and services provided by the bank to its clients Bank — Client relationship can be considered as:

SSC Finance and Banking Suggestion Question 2021-3

SSC Finance and Banking Suggestion Question 2021-3

Model Question No. 3

SSC Finance and Banking Suggestion Question 2021-3

SSC Finance and Banking Suggestion Question 2021-3

When the client deposits money in the bank then the bank is a debtor and oppositely other party is the creditor. Thus this relationship grows through depositing money by the customer.

This relationship establishes through opening a bank account by the customer. This relationship creates right and responsibilities for both parties. Under this contract, the bank remains liable to return the customer’s deposited money.

Most of the time banks give protection for the client’s valuables, documents, etc. through providing the locker services. This relationship can be considered as a legal relationship.

The course is about banking and financial system, the theory of financial intermediation, models of the banking firm, the theory of bank regulation. It is also a partial regulation of the Bangladesh financial system, bank performance and probability analysis and interest rate margins. Various types of loans, credits/lending policies, repayment schedule, the bullet-pill, continuum of multiple credit creation and float management. Different types of financial instruments. Export-Import financing, competition in banking, State supervision of banks and non-banks. The operations of monetary policy.

Finance is the study of money and how it is used. Specifically, it deals with the questions of how an individual or company acquires the money needed – called capital in the company context – and how they then spend or invest that money. Finance is often split into three areas: personal finance, corporate finance, and public finance.

At the same time, “finance” is about the overall “system” – i.e. the financial markets [2] that allow the flow of money, via investments and other financial instruments, between and within these areas; this “flow” is facilitated by the financial services sector. A major focus within finance is thus investment management — called money management for individuals, and asset management for institutions — and finance then includes the associated securities trading, investment banking, financial engineering, and risk management.

More abstractly, “finance” is concerned with the investment and deployment of assets and liabilities over “space and time”: i.e. it is about performing valuation and asset allocation today, based on risk and uncertainty re future outcomes, incorporating the time value of money (where the risk-appropriate discount rate is determined via an asset pricing model). As an academic field, finance theory is studied and developed within the disciplines of management, (financial) economics and applied mathematics. As the debate on whether finance is an art or a science is still open, there have been recent efforts to organize a list of unsolved problems in finance.

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SSC Finance and Banking Suggestion Question 2021-3

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