JSC Math Note 5th Chapter Algebraic fraction

JSC Math Note 5th Chapter Algebraic fraction. We are part of the whole world with a whole thing in our daily lives. These different parts are the one-one fragment. In the seventh grade, we learned that we were the second part of the class and learned the fragmentation of the fraction and general degradation. Learn about the addition, subtraction, and simplification of the fraction in detail. This chapter discusses the addition and subtraction of the fragmentation and describes the multiplication, division, and simplification of the fragmentation.

JSC Math Note 5th Chapter Algebraic fractionJSC Math Note 5th Chapter Algebraic fractionJSC Math Note 5th Chapter Algebraic fraction

JSC Math Note 5th Chapter Algebraic fraction

A trader sets the actual cost by adding rent, transportation costs, and other accessory products to the purchase price of the product. This is called real investment. This investment is considered a purchase price for profit or loss. And the price at which the product is sold is the sale price. If the sale price is higher than the purchase price, profit or profit is higher. If the selling price is lower than the purchase price, The damage is either. If the value of the purchase price is equal then the profit or loss is not the same. Profit or loss. The purchase price is calculated. When the bank deposits the bank, the bank makes a profit from the money, business, housing, and other loans. The bank gives some money to the depositor from there. This is the profit or dividend received by the depositor.

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