JSC Math Note 10th Chapter Circomeference

JSC Math Note 10th Chapter Circomeference. Every day we see and use some things which are round: for example, car wheels, bracelets, watches, buttons, dishes, coins Etc. We see that the nozzle of the clock’s thorns rotates round. Second-hand thorn nozzle The path that marks it as a circle. We use round objects in many ways. With a one-rupee coin, put a white paper on the white paper and press down the middle of the currency and press down. In this situation, with a narrow pencil on the right hand, around the currency of the currency. If you move the currency, you will see a circular bound curve on the paper. This is a circle

JSC Math Note 10th Chapter Circomeference

JSC Math Note 10th Chapter Circomeference JSC Math Note 10th Chapter Circomeference

JSC Math Note 10th Chapter Circomeference

The perfect pencil compass is used to draw the circle. Connecting the thorns to the other side is attached to the paper A circle is drawn when the pencil turns around the paper, as shown in the figure. Then the time of drawing the circle Draws distant points from a particular point this. The point of the circle is the point The radius of any distance from the center is called the radius.

The length of the circle’s circomeference cannot be measured with the ruler, not the straight line. There is an easy way to measure the circomeference. Cut the picture shapes on a circle with a circle curved circle. Mark a point on the circomeference. Now draw a segment on the paper and keep the round card vertically on the paper so that the circomeference mark is matched to one end of the segment. Now move the card to the segment until the radius is identified. The point is to touch the segment again. Identify the tangent and measure the length of its line from the endpoint of the segment. This measure is the length of the circomeference. Notice that the small circle diameter is small, the circomeference is too small; On the other hand, the diameter of the big circle is larger, the circomeference is larger.

Circle related theorem. Work 1 Draw a circle of the radius on the tracing paper. O, the center of the circle. Draw a JA AB different from the diameter. Place the pointer through O point so that the ends of the chord are AB. Draws the segment OM along the velocity which intersects the za into the point M. Then the midpoint of M JA Angle OMA and angle OMB Measure the corners. Are they equal to a right angle

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