HSC Production Mgt Marketing 2 Suggestion Question 2020

HSC Production Mgt Marketing 2 Suggestion Question 2020. Marketing is the process of communicating the value of a product or service to customers, for the purpose of selling the product or service. It is a critical business function for attracting customers.

HSC Production Mgt Marketing 2 Suggestion Question 2020

HSC Production Mgt Marketing 2 Suggestion Question 2020

Production Mgt & Marketing 2nd MCQ Question With Answer 2020SSC Home Science MCQ Question With Answer

All Board HSC Production Management & Marketing 2nd Paper Model Question 2020:

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The role may consist of product development and product marketing, which are different (yet complementary) efforts, with the objective of maximizing sales revenues, market share, and profit margins. Product management also involves elimination decisions. Product elimination begins with the identification of elimination candidates, proceeds with the consideration of remedial actions, continues with a projection of the impact on the business as a whole if a candidate.

Production management means planning, organizing, directing, and controlling of production activities. Production management deals with converting raw materials into finished goods or products. It brings together the 6M’s i.e. men, money, machines, materials, methods, and markets to satisfy the wants of the people.

Production management helps the business firm to achieve all its objectives. It produces products, which satisfy the customers’ needs and wants. So, the firm will increase its sales. This will help it to achieve its objectives.

Production management helps the firm to satisfy its customers. This increases the firm’s reputation, goodwill, and image. A good image helps the firm to expand and grow.

Production management helps to introduce new products in the market. It conducts research and development (R&D). This helps the firm to develop newer and better quality products. These products are successful in the market because they give full satisfaction to the customers.

Production management supports other functional areas in an organization, such as marketing, finance, and personnel. The marketing department will find it easier to sell good-quality products, and the finance department will get more funds due to increasing sales. It will also get more loans and share capital for expansion and modernization. The personnel department will be able to manage the human resources effectively due to the better performance of the production department.

Production management helps the firm to face competition in the market. This is because production management produces products of the right quantity, right quality, right price, and at the right time. These products are delivered to the customers as per their requirements.

Production management facilitates the optimum utilization of resources such as manpower, machines, etc. So, the firm can meet its capacity utilization objective. This will bring higher returns to the organization.

Production management helps to minimize the cost of production. It tries to maximize the output and minimize the inputs. This helps the firm to achieve its cost reduction and efficiency objectives.

Production management helps the firm to expand and grow. This is because it tries to improve quality and reduce costs. This helps the firm to earn higher profits. These profits help the firm to expand and grow.

Production management conducts continuous research and development (R&D). So they produce new and better varieties of products. People use these products and enjoy a higher standard of living.

Production activities create many different job opportunities in the country, either directly or indirectly. Direct employment is generated in the production area, and indirect employment is generated in the supporting areas such as marketing, finance, customer support, etc.

Production management improves the quality of the products because of research and development. Because of large-scale production, there are economies of large scale. This brings down the cost of production. So, consumer prices also reduce.

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