dshe.gov.bd All School and College MPO Teacher List

 dshe.gov.bd All School and College MPO Teacher List

Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education


The Government of Bangladesh places great importance on education and in this regard the Government has been trying to transform its huge population into human resource. Education for All (EFA) is the constitutional responsibility of the government. The constitution affirms equal rights in education for all. Considering this, the government has emphasised on providing education to the backward population and its female citizens. The government is providing free education upto HSC (Class- 12) for the female along with stipend. It is expected that this will contribute to enhancing the enrollment rate of the female students, decreasing the rate of dropouts and enriching the country with an educated mass.

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During the British rule, The East India Company through its missionaries began to influence the education system and The Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (SPCK) was formed. Later in 1824, the General Committee of Public Instruction (GCPI) was established with the objective to initiate a developed and essential education incorporating moral values for the Indians. In 1854, the Woods Education Dispatch proposed for the establishment of a Directorate of Public Instruction (DPI) at each province. Following the necessity of amending the Indian University in 1904, the Indian University Commission was formed. This commission proposed a 03(three) year Bachelor degree course. It also put an end to the planning of establishing new universities and brought about fundamental changes by abolishing 2nd graded colleges.

The Direct Role of the British Government in the Education System: The 1st Indian Education Commission that is the Hunter Commission proposed the introduction of “A” Course (Literature) and “B” Course (Technical Education). It also proposed motivating higher education through private initiative and bring the government colleges under divisional control.

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