Clothes to Wear This Summer for Ramadan

Clothes to Wear This Summer for Ramadan. As soon as summer arrives, there are several changes that everyone goes through. Clothes, footwear, food and even accessories change because of the high temperature. The summer heat can cause dehydration, skin rashes and even discoloration of the skin. In order to avoid all these problems, it is recommended that you dress smartly. Clothes can play a major role in how you beat the heat this summer. There are different attires that women and men can select for themselves.

Clothes to Wear This Summer

Summers in Bangladesh can be really tough because of the scorching heat. Nobody really likes to go out to shop in busy markets and malls. That is why people buy clothing items online. Make summer 2016 convenient for yourself by shopping online from reputable stores. A number of people fear buying from online stores. Bangladeshi people can purchase from Kaymu, which is a marketplace where retailers offer all types of products. Also there are a number of discount deals that reduce the prices for the shoppers. Another reputable store in Bangladesh is PriyoShop where shoppers can get everything delivered to them anywhere. Here are few tips for summer dresses for ladies which will keep them comfortable.

Clothing Style

clothing style

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Summer is all about wearing clothes that are loose and short. Women should definitely go for skirts, dresses, and sleeveless clothes. The ideal garments for this summer are to get light materials that keep you cool.

Dresses: There are a number of dresses that ladies can get for themselves this summer. Make a fashion statement by getting a nice floral print which will look extremely cute. You can select from different lengths of the dresses according to your preference.

Skirts: Just like any dress, skirts come in a number of lengths and sizes which women can get according to their choice. Pair it with a nice top and you will have a complete look in seconds.


Jeans/Shorts: Depending on how comfortable the material of the jeans or shorts is, you can select from a wide collection online.

Polo Shirts: These look extremely good and are very comfortable to wear in the summers. Polos are usually made from cotton and can be bought in thousands of colors. Pair it with jeans or shirts and you will get a complete summer look for this year.


Stick to light cotton materials because this fabric allows to absorb sweat and evaporate it in the air. It is recommended that you avoid synthetic materials because these will cause allergies and bacteria growth. Cotton prevents sweat and keeps the wearer bacteria free. There are different dresses, tops, and skirts that shoppers can get for themselves.


Light Colors

In summers it is suggested that people should wear light colored clothes. Dark colors absorb direct sunlight and will make you very uncomfortable. Also, the dark colored clothes will trap the heat and make you feel hot. Colors like white, beige, yellow and orange tones not only look good but will block sun rays and keep you cool. Stay away from black this summer especially during the day.

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