Black Friday brought to you by Kaymu Bangladesh! 1

Black Friday brought to you by Kaymu Bangladesh!

Black Friday brought to you by Kaymu Bangladesh!


The last Friday of the month will bring about a whole new level of enjoyment!

Yes, on 27th November 2015 Kaymu will be hosting the largest Black Friday Sale that Bangladesh has yet to see. This ultimate shopping holiday is held a day after Thanksgiving where we give gratitude to all the good things in life. And the best way to spread that around more is to shop like crazy the next day!

On this Black Friday Sale, anything and everything that you could ever imagine to buy will be right in front of your eyes at our online marketplace. When you log in you will see mind blowing discounts being offered on all the range available up to around ! Now that does make you double take what you just read. You will love Kaymu even more because we won’t make you wait in any line! We won’t even let you have a fight with anyone. Just make a cup of coffee, sit at home and order what you like.

Black Friday brought to you by Kaymu Bangladesh! 2

There are multiple categories to choose from. The most sought after are the electronics! The latest range of mobile phones, televisions, speakers, chargers, accessories and what not will be at your fingertips. If you are looking to buy the perfumes or colognes for you and your loved ones, then build up the excitement because you are in a for a treat. All the clothes and accessories you want will be just a click away. Browse through the unlimited range of toys being sold at our event. You can buy all those toys that your children have been wanting. You can buy that special present you were wanting to give your loved one because we have it all here.

Many people are hesitant while indulging in online shopping on this event and we can understand why. But at Kaymu, there is nothing to worry about. All the products being sold are absolutely genuine and are of the highest quality available. The sellers offering these products have been checked by a system developed by the company so you have nothing to worry about. So lose all the worries and shop easily for everything you want to get.

Shop Easy on Black Friday

Follow a simple and easy procedure! Go to our page and check the time when the sale is supposed to start. On Black Friday 27th November, start shopping as soon our sales open. Simply click on what you want and place it in your cart. Then wait for a few days and you will get your order at your doorstep and avail our cash on the delivery feature. Nothing to worry about here.

Black Friday brought to you by Kaymu Bangladesh! 3

Yes, we are making all your dreams come true this Black Friday 2015. So Gear up as it will be a sale to remember!

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