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35 BCS Model Test-8

35 BCS Model Test-8

35 BCS Model Test-8. Bangladesh Public Service Commission is a quasi judicial body established in 1972 under the Constitution. The Constitution and certain other rules and regulations made ​​by the government from time to time under section 141 and section 137 in accordance with the provisions of the act.

35 BCS Model Test-8

35 BCS Model Test-8

BCS Model Test- 8

BCS Modeltest 1

Bangladesh Civil Service Exam BCS (Administration), BCS (Foreign Affairs), BCS (Police) and others, including the recruitment of cadres of Bangladesh Civil Service Bangladesh Bangladesh is a national competitive examination conducted by the Public Service Commission, a preliminary test, written test and oral this test is conducted in three phases. Preliminary results will be announced on the final notification from the entire process takes 1.5 to 2 years.

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