Artificial Intelligence in 2019 1

Artificial Intelligence in 2019

Artificial Intelligence in 2019

Artificial Intelligence in 2019 2

Artificial Intelligence technologies are making a splash across many
industry sectors. In this article, we take a brief look at the technologies
of Artificial Intelligence in 2019.

1. Natural Language Generation


It is a part of the AI subcategory. This application helps in the
conversion of data to text format. And the most important point, it can
communicate ideas with accuracy. And this technology can generate market
reports and analytical insights.

Natural Language Processing and Text Analytics

AI in English sentence structuring? But it is true. The technology used is
text analytics to decipher the sentence structure, meaning and intention
via machine learning and statistical methods. At present, AI is used for
detection of frauds and security systems. They are used in assistants and
apps for extraction of data. This aspect is one of the major technical
advances of Artificial Intelligence in 2019.

2. Speech Recognition

Mention speech recognition and you get reminded of Siri and Alexa. There
are many start-ups in the US which are developing systems that can change
the human language to commands. They can complete the job efficiently via
voice response as well mobile apps. Just imagine the possibilities when
this segment of Artificial Intelligence in 2019 goes to the next level.
Surely, a handicapped person will be able to give commands to the computer
or mobile and complete the tasks.


3. Virtual Agents

Mention virtual agent and you get reminded of virtual learning. The best
example of a virtual agent is a chatbot that can interact with humans.
Usually, they are used in customer service to give apt responses. Some
companies using virtual agents are Apple, Amazon, Google, IPsoft, and

4. Machine Learning Platforms – Best Technology in Artificial
Intelligence in 2019

Can a computer surpass the human brain? Yes, the doubts remained till the
1990s. It ended when the supercomputer played a game with the chess
champion, Gary Kasparov. So, a software application can be designed which
will surpass the potential of the human brain. And Artificial Intelligence
– it is

just a part of machine learning. This new technology can develop systems
which allow software applications in computers to learn by themselves. A
machine learning design application is a combination of many technologies
and info such as big data, development and training tools, application
programming interface and algorithms. The machine learning application can
help solve complex problems and are used in the predictive analysis. Some
companies selling the platforms are SAS, Adext, and Skytree.

5. Decision Management

Artificial Intelligence in 2019 3

Let us imagine a situation. You work in a company which offers home care
services in Hyderabad. Your job is related to giving solutions to customer
queries by email. Now, for some problems, you cannot send the answer in the
decided format. You will have to type words as per the requirements and
send the mail. But for the simple queries, a chatbot can come in handy as
it has to fill the words and then send the mail.

Chatbots have already become a regular part of customer care service in
many BPOs. They can give simple responses. If it is an Artificial
Intelligence application, it can resolve simple responses. But a deep
learning software application can even solve complex problems.


6. Deep Learning Platforms


Mention about deep learning platform to a software engineer. He will
visualize of artificial neural circuits that can act similar to the human
brain. The software application can process data in huge quantities and
identify similar and different patterns to let you make the crucial


A look at the title and anyone can easily know the meaning of the word.
This new technology can give unusual insights into human behavior and the
physical aspects of an individual.

Usually, In short, it is based on the interaction between humans and
machines. They are related to speech, images, touch, and recognition of
body language.

7. Cyber Security

With the entire world stepping to digital mode of payment, the security
measures have to be doubled. Every year, billions of dollars are stolen via
techniques such as phishing. Cybersecurity focuses on prevention,
detection, and providing of timely response to threats of personal
identification. With deep learning and machine learning, a software
application can identify suspicious activity and prevent cyber theft.

8. Compliance

Artificial Intelligence in 2019 4

Mention the word compliance and you are automatically reminded of legal
practices, rules, and regulations of your company. Now every company is
using AI to enhance efficiency in the interaction between employees and
employers. If you have a document services company, the AI will prepare a
document that is tune with your industry.

9. Content Creation

Artificial Intelligence in 2019 4

Some people wrongly term content only with writing. But content is related
to every part of the online world such as ads, videos, white papers,
infographics, and visual assets.

10. Recognition of Emotions

It is tough to make hardened convicts reveal their brutal acts of violence.
The investigating agencies will have a hard time making them confess to
their crimes. Enter AI, where it can identify the human emotions and help

The same can also prove helpful for marketers. During the introduction of a
new product or service, the AI can detect the emotions of customers such as
anger, happiness or excitement.

By getting updates, the companies can make modifications to the product or
service to enhance the experience of the customer.

11. Image Recognition

Remember the time you logged in Facebook. It told you to use your digital
image to log into your account. This technology can come in handy for banks
which have ATMs. In the future, face recognition technology will be the
method used in banks and social media platforms.

12. Automation

The second part of artificial intelligence is automation. And when it steps
into the marketing industry, the impact will be huge. It will give accurate
information, and enhance the

customer engagement for revenue growth at a fast pace. AI application will
include customer data integration, customer segmentation, management of
campaigns and repetitive tasks.


Have you read the article about Artificial Intelligence in 2019? These are
the new technologies that will come to the fore by 2020. And AI and
Internet of Things have already stepped into the Home Improvement industry.
Now, you have the smart appliances, in every segment, for example, washing
machine, microwave oven, air conditioner and many more. Let us imagine a
situation. You have smart home appliances in your home. Let us imagine, the
microwave oven needs maintenance.

For the old model, if the warranty has got over, you can download the app
of the company offering home care services in Hyderabad and book the
service. Thus, you can hire the best technician skilled in

microwave oven repair in Hyderabad

with ease. But in the future, if the appliance needs a maintenance, it will
send an alert to your mobile. You can, thus, know that the appliance needs
a service.

So, given in the article are some of the new AI technologies in 2018. Are
you interested in knowing more about the changes brought by Artificial
Intelligence for the future? Then become a subscriber to our newsletter.

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