Write A Paragraph: Environmental Pollution

Writing A Paragraph: Environmental Pollution

Environmental Pollution

Environmental Pollution

The word ‘pollution’ means to make dirty or impure which is harmful. Thus, environmental pollution means the pollution of our environment that happens every day. It happens mostly in cities and industrial towns. Their air pollution occurs because of smoke. Any kind of smoke does it. Smoke from mills and factories, motor vehicles and other sources is mainly responsible for it. Again, water in the seas, rivers and canals is poisoned because of the various wastes we throw into them. Insecticides used in crop fields are often washed away into them by rain water. Mills and factories, on the banks of the river, often throw poisonous chemicals into the river water and pollute it. All sorts of sound from microphones, radios, televisions, etc. cause pollution in the environment. This tells upon our hearing and general health. We all should try to develop a civic sense amongst ourselves about it and bring a check to this pollution in our own interest.


Environmental Pollution

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