Write A Paragraph: Early Rising

Writing A Paragraph: Early Rising

Early Rising

Early Rising

Early rising is a matter of positive habit and undoubtedly one of the best. It means that we should get up from bed early in the morning to enable ourselves to be ready for a new day. This fact, when made into a regular habit, will surely lead us to a world of bliss and prosperity. But it is not easy to attain this quality; we have to practise it in a regular way. To rise early from bed, we have to go to bed early. Only then we shall be able to possess sound health. We know that a sound mind resides in a sound body. If we can get up from bed with a fresh mind in the morning, we shall be able to work the whole day without fatigue. Some people go to bed very late at night with the adverse result that they sleep away the earlier part of the day and have giddiness in the later part of it. They are bad workers and do-nothing fellows. Hence early-rising is not simply a necessity; it is a must for everybody.


Early Rising

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