Story: The Greatness of Giashuddin Azam Shah

Story: The Greatness of Giashuddin Azam Shah


The Greatness of Giashuddin Azam Shah

Giashuddin Azam Shah was the ruler of Bengal. He was a kind and just ruler. He was very much fond of archery. One day when he was practising archery, all on a sudden, his arrow missed its target and pierced into the breast of a young boy who died instantly. The boy was the son of a widow. She went to the Qazi and complained against the Sultan for justice.

The Qazi called for the Sultan and said, “According to the law of the country, you shall be punished. But if you can please the widow by giving her compensation for the loss, you may get rid of the due punishment.” The Sultan gladly did it and the widow was satisfied. Then the Qazi got down from his seat and showed the Sultan due respect.

The kind Sultan then drew out his sword and said, “Listen to me, Mr. Quazi, if you had failed to do justice to the widow, I would have cut off your head with this sword”. The Qazi also drew out his cane and said, “If you had disobeyed my justice, I would have beaten you with this cane.” The Sultan thanked the Qazi for his brave and true judgement and embraced him.

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