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SSC Result and Marksheet 2024

The Higher Secondary Certificate test, sometimes known as the SSC, is one of a person’s most critical public exams. The upcoming SSC exam, conducted annually, is set to commence, with the SSC exam results for 2024 expected to be released in a few days. We expect many students to get an A+ this year, like every year, as the number of students this year is comparatively higher than every year. This art is for those who can quickly see the SSC Board Result with Marksheet 2024 and the process of getting results.

Education Board Results with Marksheet

The Education Board Results website, managed by the Ministry of Education, is the official platform for publishing SSC results and Mark Sheets from all education boards in Bangladesh. The Ministry of Education’s website, www.educationboardresults.gov.bd, is a centralized platform for making all board results available. You must provide your roll and registration numbers to access detailed outcomes for each board.

Access to detailed results is contingent upon having both the roll and registration numbers. If the main website faces downtime, alternate IP addresses can be used to access the results. These IP addresses act as backups, ensuring availability even if the primary site experiences technical issues.

SSC Result 2024 with Marksheet Process

  • First, go to the website – educationboardresults.gov.bd
  • Select “SSC/Alim/Equivalent” to the “Examination” option.
  • Select “2024” to the “Year” option.
  • Select your education board using the “Board” option.
  • Choose the Result Type “Individual Result” on the “Result Type” option.
  • Write your SSC Roll Number carefully using the “Roll” option.
  • You can skip your SSC Exams Registration number on the “Registration” field. It’s optional.
  • Solve the Security Key Captcha.
  • Finally, review all information and press “Get Result “.

Once you’ve done so, you’ll get your SSC Result!


SSC Result by SMS

It is a simple and standard method of obtaining the SSC result 2024 from your mobile phone. Consequently, you may get your SSC results from home using your mobile phone. Phone quality is not a given in this situation. Text the Teletalk Bangladesh Limited education board results site number. I’ve previously provided step-by-step instructions below.

Following the publication of the results, go to your handset’s messaging choice and follow the steps below:

  1. Type “SSC” and leave a space.
  2. Create your Education Board’s first three letters. [For instance, DHA stands for Dhaka Education Board.] and leave some room. (The first three letters from all education boards are listed here.)
  3. Write your Roll Number carefully: your SSC Exam Roll Number = 123456] and leave a gap.
  4. Write your passing year, 2024
  5. Review your whole SMS Text.
  6. Finally, send the SMS/Message to 16222 from any mobile phone. That’s all!

Example: SSC DHA 890000 2024 and send to 16222.

An example is the Dhaka Education Board. Write the first three letters of the respective board name for other boards. For detailed instructions on the board, follow your education board below.

  • Service Type: Push-pull
  • Service Short Code: SSC
    Port: 16222
  • Authority: Teletalk Bangladesh
  • Charge: 2 Taka+VAT

SSC Results and Marksheet 2024 by Apps

SSC results can also be found in smartphone apps. It would be best if you did this; you download and use the “Education Board Results” app from the Google Play Store to do this. Alim and equivalent results can also be found.

The results for all education boards can be found through these apps. This app is on the Education Board Results website under the Ministry of Education. It can be used on any Android phone. To Find the SSC Result and marksheet by App, follow the instructions below. It’s easy and valuable to find the Result during a busy period.

  • Download “Board Results (Official Apps)” apps from the Google Play Store. The app URL is https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=educationboardresuls.govt.com.bdresult.
  • Install the app on your phone.
  • Open the Apps.
  • Select your Education Board.
  • Select your Exam Type.
  • Input your SSC Roll and Registration Number.
  • Press the Submit Button and View your Result.

SSC All Boards Marksheet 2024

SSC mark sheets, including SSC Auto Pass Result details, will be available online. These mark sheets will include subject-based grade sheets created by masking subjects from JSC and SSC levels.

Eboardresults.com offers SSC mark sheets, but detailed mark sheets for some education boards are available only for specific boards such as Dhaka, Bangladesh Technical Education Board, Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board, and Rajshahi Education Board. Other boards provide detailed mark sheets on their respective websites.

The eboardresults.com site is fast and efficient, offering detailed results for various education boards, college-based outcomes, and district-based results. However, roll and registration numbers are required to access the mark sheets. Users can find SSC and equivalent mark sheets on the respective education board websites using board-based result options.

Madrasah Board SSC Result with Marksheet 2024

The Alim Result 2024 from the Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board will follow a process similar to the SSC Result 2024. The Alim Auto Pass Result will determine the outcome by giving a 75% weight to Dakhil results and 25% to Junior Dakhil JDC results. Despite the autopass result, subject-based outcomes will be available, with Alim mark sheets created by concealing Dakhil and JDC level subjects.

The authorities will release Alim Result 2024 simultaneously with the SSC and equivalent exam results, making it accessible online and through mobile SMS. The eboardresults.com website provides Alim mark sheets, requiring access to roll and registration numbers. Alternatively, individuals can acquire Madrasah-based results from the Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board’s official website (ebmeb.gov.bd) using the institution’s EIIN number.

A message can be sent from any mobile phone to acquire the Alim Result 2024 through SMS after the official release. Detailed instructions for this process include sending an SMS in the format: SSC<MAD<Your Roll<2024 to 16222 or ALIM<MAD<Your Roll<2024 to the same number.

Technical Board with Marksheet Result 2024

The Bangladesh Technical Board’s SSC Result and Marksheet 2024, similar to other boards, was published through an autopass system. However, unlike other boards, which used an average process of JSC equivalent and SSC equivalent results, the SSC Vocational Results of the Technical Board were based solely on SSC Vocational Results.

Access the Bangladesh Technical Education Board results online through the bteb.gov.bd and eboardresults.com websites. These platforms provide detailed mark sheets and institution-based results. Access to the mark sheet typically requires a registration number for a thorough search.

Visit eboardresults.com for detailed mark sheets for the Bangladesh Technical Board’s SSC Vocational Result. Select ‘Technical’ as your Education Board, input your Roll and Registration Number, and click ‘Get Result.’ Please note that although you can obtain detailed results without a registration number, accessing the mark sheet will require this information.

For institution-wise SSC Result, select ‘Institution Result’ on eboardresults.com, requiring the EIIN Number for result access.

Additionally, the SSC Vocational Result for the Bangladesh Technical Education Board can be obtained through SMS by sending a message in the format: SSC<space>TEC<space>Roll<space>2024 to 16222. For instance, send a message like “SSC TEC 123456 2024” to 16222Top of Form.

Web-based Result Publication System

Two primary websites for accessing SSC exam results and marksheets in Bangladesh are Education Board Results and Eboard Board Results. Eboardresults.com is a web-based platform that publishes results for all education boards. It offers statistical data, institution-based results, district-based results, and comprehensive exam outcomes.

This system allows access to SSC and equivalent exam results and marksheets without a registration number, but detailed results, including the marksheet, require a registration number. Institution-based results necessitate access to the institution’s EIIN number.

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