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Just follow the below rules before sending your articles. is an education focused website covering many aspects of studying e.g: Result Publication, Suggestion, Question Pattern, Exam Strategy, Latest News on Education, Product Reviews, Tips & Tricks & more. We are now accepting guest posts. Guest posts are one of the major force in the blogging arena and can get you lots of visitors to your own blog or website you are currently promoting.

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Guest Blogging & Content Publishing Guidelines

But before you decide to submit your guest post here, remember to meet the following guest blogging guidelines:

Word Limit: Your guest post should be minimum 150 words long at least.  That’s true, I’m only accepting well researched and comprehensive guest posts here on TeachingBD. So please don’t submit short guest posts as I would not publish them. If you want us to write the article, all these factors will be strictly maintained.

Guest Post Topics: Guest post topics should be based on the niche of this blog which includes but not limited to Education News & Research, Software Review, Latest Software, Freeware, Opensource Project, Cool new inventions, New Startup, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Artificial Intelligence, Bangla etc. For content writing purpose, it’s wide open.


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Link Policy: You can add up to 3 links in your article. One of these links can be for your website home page and another could be for your profile on popular social media websites like Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin etc. No self-promotional links in a guest post, please. For content writing by us, same policy applies.

Guest Post Format: Please use headings, sub-headings, bold, italics, lists etc in your guest post to make it more engaging. if you are writing long plain text, one is going to read that. If you want us to publish, all the SEO factors will be maintained so that you get the highest impact.

Image a Must: Don’t forget to include 1-2 images matching your guest posts and make sure images size are less than 100 KB. If you are sharing someone else image, please add a credit note for them.

For content writing: A cool artwork will be created for you so that you get great traffic from Social Media.

Content Ownership: Your Guest post will be published at TeachingBD24.COM only. It could not be republished or used anywhere in any form. With this, you are giving us the ownership of your submitted content.

Big No to Copy Paste: Guest post should be written by you and not copy paste from some other source. It should be unique. It is not that tough. So, if you are thinking of submitting a guest post here, you can email your guest posts to us for review at We will manually check every article before publishing

Content Writing Guidelines

  • No Plagiarism is allowed
  • No Adult content is allowed
  • Previously Posted Article is not allowed
  • Fees for content writing & publishing will be discussed over email.
  • Send your article or content writing/product review request at