Download font Solaiman Lipi

Download font Solaiman Lipi

Why should We Use SolaimanLipi?

SolaimanLipi is the best Bangla font for seeing Bangla language  everywhere on the web. It has tremendous typography than any other Bangla fonts. That is why now  it is being widely used on websites and developers.

Download font Solaiman Lipi

Download font Solaiman Lipi

Sloaiman Lipi Version 2.0

Download font Solaiman Lipi

Some previous problems of SolaimanLipi:

1. It couldn’t render Bangla on Chrome.

2. English glyphs mixed up.

3. Poor English Glyphs.

4. Not all OS supported & many more.

That’s why we have decided to use the new version of this font which is created by Saif Hassan (saiftheboss7). We have used this font & satisfied with it. We are going to review why it’s better.

Solaiman Lipi Version 2.0

SolaimanLipi 2 is the customized from the original SolaimanLipi developed by Solaiman Karim.

What’s New On SolaimanLipi Version 2.0?

Solaiman Lipi Version 2.0 has got some great new features. Let me list them.

1.Full Chrome Support

Added Chrome (Webkit) support. Now you can see Bangla without any hassle in Chrome in all OSs (e.g: Linux, Mac & Windows).


Chrome showing Bangla on SolaimanLipi font on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion properly.

2.Perfect English Glyphs

English glyps were often mixed up before. However, all is perfect now.


Download font Solaiman Lipi


Download Latest Solaiman Lipi Version 2.0

3.English Glyphs On Ubuntu Font

 Solaiman Lipi Version 2.0

English Glyphs on SolaimanLipi 2

All English glyphs show on high quality

Mac, Linux & Windows Support

This font not only supports Windows but also support Mac & Linux.

Download Solaiman Lipi Version 2.0 Now!

Choose your OS from below & click. Download will begin. Enjoy.

Download SolaimanLipi

Download SolaimanLipi for Windows |Mirror
Download SolaimanLipi for Mac
Download SolaimanLipi for Linux

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