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SSC Babosha uddag MCQ Question With Answer 2017

SSC Babosha uddag MCQ Question With Answer 2017. SSC Babosha uddag MCQ Question With Answer 2017. The origin of the human abhababodha core business. Efforts to meet the goal of making the people are involved in various economic activities. The deal encompasses the emergence of economic activities and trade. We are in the business section of the concept, origin, characteristics, types and business environment will learn about different aspects of bi Í determined.

SSC Babosha uddag MCQ Question With Answer 2017

Babosha uddag

Business Initiative Suggestion and Question Patterns of SSC Examination 2017

SSC Babosha uddag MCQ Question With Answer:

1. SSC MCQ Question Ans. Introduction to Business

2. SSC MCQ Question Ans. Business Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneur

3. SSC MCQ Question Ans. Self-employment

4. SSC MCQ Question Ans. Business Based on Ownership

5. SSC MCQ Question Ans. Legal Aspects

6. SSC MCQ Question Ans. Business Plan

7. SSC MCQ Question Ans. Industries of Bangladesh

8. SSC MCQ Question Ans. Management of Business Organization

 9. SSC MCQ Question Ans. Marketing

10. SSC MCQ Question Ans. Assistance for Entrepreneurship Development

11. SSC MCQ Question Ans. Ethics in Business and Social Responsibilities

12. SSC MCQ Question Ans. Lessons Learned from the Lives of Successful Entrepreneurs

Business education teacher, Mr. X came the first class of ninth-grade business ventures. Students told him warmly welcomed. He put the question to all of the students had saluted, “Who among you come from a business family?” One student said, his father’s rice trade. Another student said his father’s poultry farm. Another student said that his father’s drugstore. Another student said, his mother is a beauty salon. With all that in mind, he heard and rice-rice, poultry and pharmaceutical sales, and each one is a beauty salon to manage economic work. Your parents do all the business will be included in the economic livelihood and profits if they did the work.

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