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A Memorable Day in My Life

A Memorable Day in My Life


A Memorable Day in My Life

Human life is full of events. Many incidents happen in our life. Some of these are pleasant. We remember those for long. My first day at school is a memorable event in my life. I remember the day most.

That day I went to school very simply. But I put on new dress and shoe. I got a new school bag. I also took news books and pens. The day was very interesting to me because I felt much pleasure to get the education again after finishing the examination of Class V. It was my new school. I set out for school taking wishes from my parents.

I met many old classmates and many new faces there. I made several new friends, too. We exchanged greetings with one another who were familiar. We also introduced ourselves to the new classmates. We talked about various aspects of our school life. We also took down the routine from the notice board. That day I came to know some new ideas of learning. Those were quite different from primary education.

In the morning session, we were invited to the hall room. There the Headmaster addressed us. In his speech, the Headmaster spoke of general rules and regulations of the school. He also spoke about basic norms and values. I entered the classroom along with other students joyfully. First, the English teacher entered our classroom and he lectured on the importance of learning English. After him, Bangla teacher entered and lectured on Bangla. He cut jokes. It gave us pleasure.

We enjoyed ourselves during recess. I went to the common room with some of my friends and played some indoor games. After it, I and some of my friends went to the school canteen and took snacks and cold drinks.

My first day at school was full of happy feelings. It gave me excitement and romance. I felt thrilled because I could learn many things in the school. Still I remember my first day at School.

A Memorable Day in My Life

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