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Vector Details with Diagram (Part 2)

(The First Part of this post is here) Vector Details with Diagram (Part 2) Law of Parallelogram of vectors: "If a particle simultaneously possesses two vectors represented in magnitudes and direction by the two adjacent sides of a parallelogram drawn from a point, their resultant is represented in magnitude and direction by the diagonal of…
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HSC Physics Introduction To Vectors

Vector Details with Diagram Today, I am going to explain some of the topics from Higher Secondary Physics chapter Vector. We are going to cover some of the main questions and significant sections of the chapter Vectors. There are two types quantities in the world. Vector Quantities and Scalar Quantities. You might what are those?…
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All Classes Madrasah PDF Textbooks Free Download

Madrasah Education Board Bangladesh is also known as Madrasah Education Board. Muslims students are taught under this education board from class 1. The qualifications of a Madrasah student is same as a general education student. The only difference is, Madrasah students can practice various ways of Islam in daily life as a part of study.…
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Valentines Day 25 High-Quality Wallpaper Free Download 2017

Valentines Day 25 High-Quality Wallpaper Free Download 2017 History of Valentine’s Day: Valentine, commonly known as the Saint-Valentine's day or the feast of Saint Valentine, is observed on 14 February of each year. It is celebrated in many countries around the world, although it remains a day of work in most of them. Valentines Day…
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